Review #1: Protect Ya Neck-Wu Tang-Clan

This song by the Wu Tang-Clan is 110% a hip hop classic with the fighting sounds and shoalin samples, this song just screams, originality, uniqueness and a feel of horrorcore hip hop.

Inspectah Deck’s verse: With the ability to rip the chorus apart when hes making more noise than heavy mental, Inspectah Deck is without a shadow of a doubt the most lyrical Wu Tang-Clan member. Now i may be a bit bias towards him because after all he is my favourite member of the Wu but his entrance to the classic track is short, sweet but no where near simple. Deck uses a variety of adjectives to explain what he is doing. For instance ‘swinging through your town like a neighbour hood spiderman’ is my favourite line in the song and you cant blame me for that!

Raekwon’s verse: Next up on the track is the formidable chef, Raekwon. Rae uses a great variety of metaphors in his verse my favourite being ‘rhymes built like Shwarzenegger’ just show that his rhymes are strong and deadly.

Method Man’s verse: Thirdly Mr.Meth comes in and my god does he deliver. With his great flow, lyrics and ethnicity he bring to Wu Tang-Clan in this verse makes him a good contender for the best verse. In his verse he talks a hell of-a-lot about blazing up (smoking cannabis).

ODB’S verse: ‘first things first man you f****in with the worst’. What a way to make an entrance Dirty🔥! In my opinion ODB’S verse is the most unique, Just because of the different rhyme scheme, Its 100% groovy and ODB almost sings his verse in a way which works exceptionally well.

Ghostface Killah’s verse: Killah’s verse to me doesnt stand out as much as the others, despite being a clinical and deadly verse i feel as if his verse isnt as good as the rest, although, My favourite line is ‘if rap was a gun you wouldnt bust back’ jheez.

RZA’S verse: With RZA being the leader of the Wu he delivers on mostly every track and he delivers even more than you were expecting with this verse. His verse is so viciously lyrical and he uses some great violent adjectives to basically show you to not mess with him or his crew.

GZA’S verse: Last but definitely not least is GZA, after RZA absolutely murdered the track GZA had to finish it off but he done more than that, he revived the track and re-killed it. I dont see his verse as being violent but hey, a calm exit on this track is what it needed and he perfectly done exactly that.

P.s I know that U-god is also on the track but he only says a few bars so i didnt see much point in writing about it.


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