Review #2-Paid In Full by Eric.B and Rakim

Not many of you may know but Rakim Allah was voted the most lyrical Emcee of all time, i agree with this to a certain extent. I may speak about this in another Blog but for now, Just paid in full.

The cultural balance between hip hop and Islam is highly represented in this song by the use of the arabic female vocalist. This works really well because the beat works with it and it shows off the Islamic religion and the peace it has for Hip hop. Anyway about the song. Where to start? The fast and frantic scratching by Eric.B? Rakim’s short, But influential verse? The great amount of samples to show off one of hip hop most unique skills? None of them yet, first i’m gonna talk about how influential this song is to me and that it IS my all time favourite song. I could literally listen to this song for hours. This song triggered me to make my own song called ‘Thinking of a Master Plan’. I made this track over two years ago, The chorus is a sample of Rakim’s opening line of “Thinking of a Master Plan”. Now on to the track itself, The beautiful world of sampling in hip hop can be a stressful and confusing place but Eric.B (the Dj of the duo) fit all of this in perfectly with his wonderful talent of Deejaying and mixing. Next is Rakim Allah’s verse, i dont know why or how this is the most memorable verse ever to me but its like a simple nursery rhyme that is so nice to rap yourself and perform, it just makes the verse even better. In the verse Rakim talks about how he wants to be ‘rich’ and how he ‘needs money’ so he thinks of a ‘master plan’ then gets ‘paid in full’. Listen to yourself and develop you’re own opinion because this is just mine.

My rating for this song is: 5/5


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