My Top 5 Hip-Hop Emcee’s.

Ive been listening to the genre of old school hip hop for nearly five years now. Ive came across many artists some horrible and some good but here is a list of my favourites.


Starting this top five list off we have the one and only Knowledge Reign Supreme One. He fully deserves the number five spot by the use of his pure lyrical flow and outstanding lyrics. Krs is an influential Emcee to me, with him speaking the truth means more knowledge to be taken in by myself.


Being my favourite member of my favourite hip hop group Inspectah Deck a.k.a The Rebel INS, deserves the number four spot. I decided to put him at number four because of his pure lyricism and meaning in many of his songs. His verse in Triumph by the Wu Tang-Clan is one of my favourite verses of all time and in my opinion is the best opening verse to a song ever.


Being a HUGE fan of A Tribe Called Quest and Phife being my more prefered member of the group i can not leave The Funky Five Footer out of this list. I believe he deserve this place because he can always consistently kill any song he’s on and is just a huge inspiration to myself. My favourite verse of his is in the song Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest ft.Leaders Of The New School. In this track he is more unique than ever and it works exceptionally well. R.I.P


Big L is by far the most talented Emcee I have ever came across and i truly believe if he didnt get shot he would be the most popular Hip Hop artist of all time, bigger than Slim, Snoop, P.Diddy and Jay Z. Unfortuanately he got shot and killed in an early point of his career. Nas once said that he was ‘scared’ and wanted to stop rapping when he first heard Big L because he believed he could not compete with him. My favourite track by Big L is Put It On, The lyrics and flow never fail to blow me away everytime i listen to this track. I think Big L fully deserve second place on my list because he truly is a legend and a mic slayer. R.I.P


Well here it is, Rakim Allah is my favourite Emcee, why you ask? If you havent heard this genius just listen to Eric.B and Rakim album Paid in Full and then you will know why. Rakim is my biggest inspiration and everything he has is unique and perfect, his voice, flow and lyrics never fail to amaze me and especially on a Eric.B instrumental. Rakim has never sworn in any of his songs because when he started rapping his mum didnt want him to swear so he never did, that earnt my respect and so did the fact he also inspired many Emcee’s i love now.

So there it is my Top Five Emcee’s.

(This is not an ‘all time’ list because my opinion could change in the future)


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