Some New Additions

Firstly i would like to apoligise for there being no review yesterday, i planned to do it but then didnt realise how busy i was. There will be a review later wether that is a song or album i am promising one.

Good news, a record Store has newly opened in my local town of Havant. They sell a hell of a lot of vinyl so obviously me being me i went crate digging. I spent a good hour or so just looking through 100’s of different vinyl, wether that being 6 inch single, 12 inch single or 12 inch albums. I found a few records that i hope are gems (picture down below) so obviously i had to buy them, i got 3 12 inch singles and a 12 inch double lp. This all came up too £14 (bargain). There will be reviews on each of them in the future.

A Blog will be up tomorrow, my first studio Blog. I will be telling what i got up to, who came along and what tracks people dropped on the day. Also i have decided to do reviews on some follow studio go-ers tracks so you guys can Check them out too. 


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