Song Review #5: R.A Rugged Man-tom Thum

Now this song i love a lot, the beatboxing by the outstanding Tom Thum, R.A’s lyrically mental verse and the video is absolute class. Including the video, this song has every element of hip hop in it, graffitti art, b-boying, Emceeing, Deejaying in the background and the last ones kind of an element but beatboxing i think is more of a sub-element hiding in the great shadow of Emceeing. The song will make you think either R.A is lyrically amazing or (if you dont know R.A) i want to hear more of this guy. The flow R.A drops with the funny but serious lyrics just shows how much of a masterclass this track really is. Tom Thum’s background beatboxing shows the pure uniqueness and how special this song really is. My favourite line of R.A’s is when he says; “Yo, I’m uncontrollably gifted, I totally ripped it, I’m vocally vicious, Naming the best ever, I’m supposed to be listed”(This may not be the exact lyrics, but its a long those lines) When i first heard this line it made me think ‘jheez’ and also made me laugh so i always remember it. This may be one of the most hip hop songs i’ve heard and just goes to show how underrated R.A The Rugged Man really is.

Rating: 4.5/5.

P.s my posts are normally very positive because i choose my own songs to review at the minute, but if you would like me to rate a song of your choice post in the comments what song and i will review it (doesnt have to be hip hop).


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