Top Five Hip Hop Lyricists. (My Opinion)

Ive decided to do a top five on hip hop Emcee’s to do with their lyricism because i believe a subject like this should be more looked upon and respected due to the talent and hard work involved.


I’m putting B.I.G at number five because he was one of the best to ever touch a mic. His lyricism is something of pure class and his legacy and message he left will never be re-made. My favourite line (lyrically) in my opinion is; “Now i gotta Mac in my knapsack, lounging back, smoking sacks up in acts and sidekicks with my sidekicks rocking fly kicks”. That to me is pure lyrically amazing and flows and goes so well with the song.


Inspectah Deck has rightful and well deserves place on this top five, as being the most underrated lyrically on this top five and being a pure genius with word play, i couldnt resist giving him a place. I believe he should be at four because he’s not the best with the message but the lyrics he uses and rhymes together are out of this world. My favourite verse as ive said before is Triumph by the Wu Tang-Clan and my favourite line out of that is “Killer Beez sold fifty gold, sixty platinum, Shackling the masses with drastic rap tactics, Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths.” When i first heard this i was blown away and by all means totally stunned.


Most of you may know how big this dude was, dieing at the young age of just 28 he weighed a whopping 700 pounds (i believe he was just full of lyrics haha). But jokes aside on a more serious note he was a master mic murderer who would kill any song he’s on. A true genius and when you listen to his stuff you will truly feel blessed. No joke. My favourite line of his is on Big Punisher and Fat Joe-Twinz (Deep Cover). Which goes; “Dead in the middle of little italy, little did we know we riddled some middle man who didnt do diddily”. This bar throws lyrics and alliteration from all kinds of directions at an immense speed.


Most old school hip hop heads believe he is the most lyrical and so does Source magazine and if you do, hear me out. I am definitely not doubting the pure mental lyricism that the almighty Rakim delivers with his amazing unique flow, voice and lyrics there was no debatable over the fact he had a secured place on this top five. His lyrics speak on all types of levels and make you think that this guy is truly amazing. My favourite line that he done is “I take 7 emcees put ’em in a line And add 7 more brothers who think they can rhyme Well, it’ll take 7 more before I go for mine Now that’s 21 emcees ate up at the same time.” these lyrics are one of my favourite lines and show hes viciously ready for anyone.



 One of my favourite Emcee’s of all time i couldnt resist keeping this number one spot away from Big L. The freestyles he spat are pure lethal, his punch lines give me goosebumps and his flow matches no one elses. Being killed at a young age stopped his career at a very early stage so Big L only made one album but what an album it is. Big L also got Jay Z publicly recognised. My favourite line of L’s is when he says; “You better flee hobbs, Or you’ll get your head flown three blocks, L keeps rappers hearts pumping like reeboks” DAMNNNNNNNN.


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