Hip Hop History! (elements and 70’s)

Now some of the facts are based off my own knowledge and some facts may not be fully true but this is my story of how hip hop started.

We start our journey in the late sixties with graffitti tags done in the bronx, it was kind of a human version of marking their territory to show outsiders who’s conner or street it is. This was done a lot for years then graffitti evolved into a more artistic and satisfying version of what it was then. Deejaying started by a deejay called GrandWizard Theodore who i think still does it now but i’m not too sure. Anyway he discovered the very famous scrath actually accidentally. His mum came into his room whilst he was playing his vinyl so he stopped the record with his fingers so he could hear her. Then he thought that the sound it made was kinda cool so over the next weeks he started experimenting with it. Dj Kool Herc came along around the same time as Grandmaster Flash. Dj Kool Herc was the real originator with making the first ever Hip-Hop party at his apartment; 1520, sedgewick avenue. This gave hip hop a huge boost because everyone was speaking about how good the party was in the bronx. Another huge boost to hip hop was an unexpected blackout in the bronx which then caused shops to be powerless so many deejay shops got their equipment stolen, this helped hip hop because more people were doing it. After the Deejaying came along obviously a certain type of dance short followed after, breakdancing. The most unique and frantic dance style in the world. Many B-boys or B-girls would lay a sheet of cardboard on the concrete with a boombox next to them whilst they dance for fun or compete. Finally the main element of hip hop that stands out the most and outdone all the other elements (dissapointing) is Emceeing or many people now no as rapping. This started off at deejay concerts when the deejay would call what deejay is going next, they would tend to rhyme the deejays name with another word or a few punchlines which then evolved into an Emcee rhyming over a deejay creating the beat for him live (good old days). Now hip hop is looked at as a ‘crime’ genre and ’causes violence and hate’, not true. Hip hop was mainly created for people to get out of crime and drugs with the help of the zulu nation created by the one and only Afrikaa Bambaataa. Peace is in hip hop just not today.

There may be a part two of this.


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