Review #7: Juicy-Notorious B.I.G

One of the biggest hip hop classics ever and the fact biggie died 20 years ago today i had to review this song. What else can i say accept that its truly amazing, The hook, lyrics and instrumental all add up to create an amazing song thats different to biggies original style. The starting line; ‘it was all a dream’ is truly inspirational especially for myself as an Emcee trying to make it, it just shows he was once in the same position as me and he prevailed from it. I perform this song at nearly every gig i perform because i just love the tone and the flow to this track. My favourite line is ‘super nintendo, sega genesis, When i was Dead broke man i couldnt picture this’ this is such a lyrical and relatable line, From being poor to rich. Biggies flow, legacy and lyrics will never be replaced, Its truly unique and natural, and he was a very strong contender for my Top Five Lyricists post but he didnt quite impress me as much as the others. This song really gives off a good feel because it shows even if you’re poor you can still make it big and hit the highlife.

Rating: 5/5


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