Review #8: Scenario-A Tribe Called Quest Ft. Leader of The New School.

Lets just take a minute to realise the wizardry in this masterclass of a Hip Hop track, the lyrics, instrumental and every Emcee that makes this a true masterpiece. Its phenomenal, starting with Phife Dawg and ending with Busta Rhymes, You cant get a better collab.


To start this amazing song off we have the amazingly talented Phife Dawg who just sprays out a verse with punchlines and amazing flow all round. My favourite line is ‘bust a nut inside your eye to show you where i come from’. A line like this could not be better and the way he starts off this track with an outstanding verse makes it my favourite verse on the whole song.


Next up we have Charlie Brown, Now its not a very lyrical verse but the unique flow and lyrics used totally makes up for that. The call and response ad-libs are an excellent effect and make this great verse really stand out.


Thirdly we have Dinco D, who spits a class lyrical verse with punchlines and even more call and response ad-libs. I like this verse because it stands out and is very unique.


A song with a Q-TIP verse will always be special, especially this verse. Q-TIP involves Busta Rhymes in his verse, calms down the track and builds up tension for Busta so he can absolutely kill the mic. Its a very important but short verse that sticks the song together like glue.


Lastly we have Busta Rhymes, he ends the track perfectly and while spitting his lyrical verse he makes you wanna jump around and go crazy. An amazing verse, he adds sound effects and destroys the mic.

Song rating: 4/5


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